Formula SAE is a competition born in the United States in 1982 supported by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsorship. It’s main purpose is to get young engineers to design, build and set up an open-wheel prototype. During the competition not only technical skills are tested, but also abilities such as marketing, costs and performance through different tests and a 22km endurance race.


  • Technical & Safety Scrutineering

    The vehicle is tested to determine its compliance with the Formula Student regulations. It includes drivers equipment.

  • Tilt Testing

    The vehicle is tested in two different events. A fluids leakage test at 45º and a stability one at 60º

  • Brake Test

    The vehicle needs to stop in a certain length blocking all four wheels

  • Noise Testing

    The noise test will determine if the vehicle is below the noise maximun level.


  • Engineering Design (150 pts)

    The team with the best engineering and innovative design will earn the maximun amount of points.

  • Cost and Manufacturing Event (100 pts)

    A document with a Cost Report must be sent. During the competition there will be a discussion with the judges about the cost of every single piece of the car and its manufacture.

  • Presentation Event (75 pts)

    A Business Plan and the capability of creating a business with a suitable profit will be evaluated by the Business jury.


  • Acceleration (75 pts)

    Acceleration test in a straight line

  • Skid-pad (50 pts)

    Time trial in an eight-shaped circuit to evaluate the car's turning and stability performance

  • Autocross (150 pts)

    Time trial in a generic racetrack

  • Endurance and Fuel Economy (300 pts)

    Endurance race (22km) and fuel usage measurement.