Our students education

There is a trend in the educative environment towards the improvement of the education approach, allowing the development of new objectives, new educative scenarios and giving the opportunity of learning new professional abilities. Nevertheless, the university education has been mainly focused on boosting theoretical and technical knowledge, following the classic approach of master classes conducted by a professor.

The Formula Student project blossoms from this common ground to all colleges and from the need to incorporate changes to the education methods.

Particularly, here, at TU Madrid, a group of professors from the Industrial Engineering Technical University of Madrid and INSIA’s master’s degree in automobile design created, in 2003, the first spanish Formula Student team: UPM Racing. One of the main goals is to complement the INSIA’s master’s degree  education, as well as contributing to the development of necessary abilities for the complex automotive sector.

The chief novelty of the project is the challenge for the students to shoulder responsibility and take part in the whole process of designing, building and testing an open-wheel prototype. Besides the technical knowledge acquired through all this process, the final goal is to develop a working team among all the participants, promoting active participation and implication in the achievement of a common goal.  The pay-back money is the satisfaction of competing with your own design against some of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

The UPM Racing project will help the student to come down to Earth, get to know how technology is really made and put into practice all the knowledge learnt during the master classes.

UPM Racing is our home, a dream, a challenge for the courage. UPM Racing is the perfect training to enter the job market with success guarantees. But, apart from the education and professional skills it helps us develop, UPM Racing is also a racing team that allows us to live our passion… Because, after all, UPM Racing is motor engineering.

David Alcántara, Marketing Division Member season 2013/2014