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Formula Student, also known as FSAE, is a competition among universities from all over the world, in which formula style vehicles are designed, developed and tested  one against another.Organized by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), the first edition traces back to 1981 in the United States. 6 teams participated in the competition with a total of 40 students. Today, competitions are held in several countries, such as germany, Japan, Brazil or Australia, and up to 120 teams enter the competition, with more than 2000 students.

Goal: the competition was conceived with the purpose of simulating a real situation in which a firm hires engineers to develop a reliable prototype capable of meeting a series of requirements, such as acceleration, stability and stopping, but also with a cost as low as possible.  The competition is divided into 2 main parts: static events and dynamic events:


  • Design Event. In this event, the design of the whole vehicle has to be justified before experts from the automotive sector.
  • Cost Event. The cost of the single seater has to be detailled, explaining the cost of every single element.
  • Business Plan Event. Teams compete against each other to show why their business plans are best-planned, should you want to sell the single seaters.



  • Skid Pad Event. We compete in an eight-shaped track to obtain the minimum lap time. In Germany, the road is drenched to increase difficulty.
  • Acceleration Event. Times are recorded in a 75m acceleration.
  • Auto Cross Event. Racing in a more-than-1-km length, traffic cone delimited track.
  • Endurance Event. 22 laps must be done in a track similar to the previously commented, stopping at the middle of the event to swap drivers while the judges swiftly check the vehicle.
  • Fuel Economy event. Fuel consumption are measured during the Endurance Event and compared to the lap times done by car. The team with the best fuel consumption / lap time relation is proclaimed winner of this event.


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